Saturday, May 31, 2008

The tone and a shank

What is it about a spouse that makes someone want to get a shank?
Admittedly, I would first, have to find out exactly what a shank is and then where one would acquire such an item..possibly how to use that particular weapon.....
but I do know that they can cause bodily harm.
It's not anything huge, in the sense, you at first think, like gambling, cheating, boozing and whatnot. No nothing that dramatic. It's a small insiduous think that is making me crazy.
The tone.
The tone, that says I am the equivalent of something stuck to the bottom of his shoe.
That is it.
I am getting the tone about 80% of the time these days and it's making me a little crazy.
and I know that I can't change someone else, I can only determine how I will react to it.
(breathe deep and repeat.)
yeah. easier said than done.
So, my daydreams are going in the direction of shanks and bodily harm as I fold my whites.